Personal Training Package For the New Mom

NEW MOM Monthly Training Package:
Lose that baby weight!

Moms are tired, overwhelmed, and still experiencing the physical and emotional changes that come from being pregnant. Exercising is one of the first things to go when things get busier.

This is a critical time in a woman’s life to make sure exercise is not forgotten. Many women gain weight during pregnancy and never lose it. A once normal weight woman becomes overweight or obese which can then lead to a long list of chronic health problems.

Exercise can make a new Mom feel better about themselves, help relieve stress from crying babies and the unknowns of new Motherhood, and give Mom more energy. Using Amy as your personal trainer, we can exercise with or without your baby. We will work out the best schedule to avoid feeding times but understand flexibility is a must working with new moms. Normal cancellation policies do not apply for New Mothers! You can avoid bringing baby into all the germs that come along with gym daycares, exercise in the comfort of your own home, and not be embarrassed if you have leakage or other post-natal problems(that most all Moms experience!)

8 – 1 hour Sessions for one Month $400*
*You will also receive a Free Back in Shape with Baby video that you can do at home with
your baby. Recommend this package for 3 Months starting 6-8 weeks postpartum.

DISCOUNT: Purchase 3 Months of Personal Training Sessions
Upfront and Pay only $40 per Hour instead of the $50 per Hour listed above.

24 – 1 hour Sessions for New Moms = $960

Can’t Afford you Own Personal Trainer?
Click here to see how BACK IN SHAPE WITH BABY Exercise DVD can help you workout
in the comfort of your home and spend quality time with your new little one.

Exercise With Amy is personal training for real life!
Maximum Results in the Shortest Time possible!