Personal Training Package For the Mom-To-Be

Pre-Natal Personal Training Package
Pregnancy is a special yet often challenging time for women. A woman’s body is going through tremendous change. Exercise during pregnancy can help women cope much better with all the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy.

Exercise throughout pregnancy has many benefits:
-helps keep weight gain within the recommended limits
-relieves stress
-lowers incidence of pregnancy induced hypertension & gestational diabetes
-lowers incidence of C-sections
-lowers incidence of postpartum depression
-prepares your body to handle the physical demands of labor

While exercising during pregnancy is recommended, there are specific guidelines women need to follow. Each trimester brings new recommendations and physical challenges. This is one of the most important times to make sure you find a trainer who specializes in pre-and post natal fitness.

This training package for Moms-To-Be takes you thru your pregnancy and give you tips for each trimester. We not only workout during our training session but I will teach you great ways to help with many of the physical discomforts of being pregnant.

Best time during pregnancy to utilize this package is from 12 to 34 weeks of pregnancy.

10 – 1 hour -sessions- $500
2 FREE Post-Natal Training sessions with the purchase of this package. (12 visits total)

Pregnancy and Exercise Education Package
This Training package will educate you on exercising throughout your pregnancy. For women who are comfortable with their pre-pregnancy fitness routine or don’t need the motivation of working out consistently with a trainer but, do not know all the guidelines and recommendations of exercising during pregnancy. This series of sessions will give pregnant women information, tips, and best exercises to help throughout pregnancy.

Recommend setting up one session during each stage of pregnancy.
-Onset of pregnancy
-Beginning of 2nd Trimester
-Beginning of 3rd Trimester

3 - 1 hour sessions- $150

This package can also be used if you are pregnant and experiencing particular challenges or problems at any point during your pregnancy. We can work together to determine the best exercises to help you cope with these issues such as lower back pain or hypertension. I will work in partnership with your physician to determine limitations and severity of complications if necessary.

Exercise With Amy is personal training for real life!
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