Personal Training Package to Get Fit Fast

Lose Weight, Look Better Fast
Have a date, a big event, a reunion but feeling overweight, out of shape, or can’t fit into that dress? This package is designed to help you look better fast. It isn’t easy but it will work… guaranteed to help you lose some pounds, look healthier, and maybe avoid having to buy a new outfit!

7 Straight DAYS of Training- 75 Minute training sessions

Athletic Event Training
Signed up for a Running Race, a Triathlon, or other type of Fitness Event but didn’t start training in time? Are you part of a Athletic Team or League but let yourself get out of shape? This Package delivers a Sport specific training regimen that helps prepare you for your event or season the quickest and best way possible. This package can work if you are 3-6 weeks out from your sporting event.

8 – 90 Minute Training Sessions- $600
Program will be designed based on Sport.
May include running, jogging, interval training, swimming,
agility and speed training, and aerobic conditioning.

Exercise With Amy is personal training for real life!
Maximum Results in the Shortest Time possible!